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NPS Cuts Tax By 40%

Posted on October 01 2020


A person named Priyanka Gupta residing in kolkata pays almost 6% of her gross income in tax, but there is a way to reduce it further. It is estimated that if her structure of pay is jigged and she put more of her income in NPS and the tax outgo come down to almost Rs. 28,000. Therefore, like the other companies, her employer does not offer the compliance of twisting the structure of pay.
Gupta should ask for a reduction in special allowance rather than the company should put 10% of her basic pay in the NPS under Sec 80CCD(2d). In the NPS , if Rs. 49,800 is put then the tax will reduce by approximately Rs 10,250, but this will reduce her home pay.
The other thing which is required for her to do is to make changes is 1 Lakh and put the remaining balance in the NPS under the Sec  80CCD(1b). This will cut her tax by Rs. 10,300. Showing that she has no equity exposure, she can even consider it by replacing the PPF with an ELSS fund.
Gupta should also buy a health insurance which covers her and her parents. A policy that may cost Rs. 36,000 a year which will reduce tax by approximately Rs. 7,400.
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