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Income Tax Department Will Catch Them Young While Speaking To Your Kids

Posted on October 01 2020


One day if your kids turn around and asks you whether you file your income tax return or no, don’t get surprised. Income tax department has taken effort to visit your kid’s school to make them aware what is income tax and why is it important to file your income tax.
As per the Central Action Plan, the young tax officers are to be deputed to visit different schools in order to educate the children about income tax. The officials are using historical stories and power point presentation just to explain how and why it is relevant and from where this concept had arose.
The officers should indicate that how there is a gain in a rupee or the different way of collecting taxes for the development of the country by leading to nation building, as per the Plan. The officers have to even explain taxation regarding black money or parallel economy.

Children must be educated about the seriousness about the main motive of the Plan. That is not all. Visiting students, the income tax offices needs to be well organised. The awareness is provided to a limited age group within 16 years to 18 years.
Further, if you thought that these visits are only for the government schools then you are wrong. The Plan made to educate children from different schools for an awareness including government schools, public schools and even convent schools. The commissioners of Income Tax are to choose schools which are falling under the jurisdiction of the territory and to avoid overlap.
The Plan has not left any stone which will ensure that the campaign was a success. The Income Tax Department have been the instruction to visit a number to school to make awareness in every city that fall under the jurisdiction of Income Tax. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that schools are chosen so that the students from all strata of society are covered.
This Central Action Plan was established in June this year at the Annual Conference of Senior Tax Administrators of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) in Delhi.
Over the past few years, the tax department has become more pro-active in its communication efforts. Several special efforts are being made just to increase the awareness about the recently opened Voluntary Income Disclosure Scheme 2016. 
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