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Are Tax Preparers Ripping Off The Pilots and The Flight Attendants?

Posted on October 01 2020


Generally, most of the accountants do not understand or just do not bother to give the airline crew employees one of the most important tax deductions that they are entitled to get. The so-called per diem deduction is a method in which the airline pilots and the flight attendants use to write off their meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) while they are travelling for their airline employment. Unfortunately, most of the tax preparers do not bother with it because the calculating the M&IE expenses by hand is lot of time-consuming process.
Most of the  tax preparers who have not heard the easy way of doing the calculation process, to generate a simpler, less profitable meal expense calculation which is called the special rate for transportation workers for the pilots and the flight attendants because it saves the tax preparer time.
Too many pilots and the flight attendants are potentially by giving a huge amount of money because they are depending on a tax preparer to help them with their aviation-related taxes and IRS Form 2106 deductions. The airline pilot and the flight attendant taxes can be complicated, and the per diem deduction is probably one of the most complicated and confused one due to which there are lots of misunderstanding, yet most profitable airline employee business expense tax write-offs that a flight crewmember can have, if they itemize.

Today, calculating a true 
city-by-city per diem deductions will not take lots of time. With the easy way out the trouble of linking 12,500 plus airports to their respective CONUS and OCONUS per diem rates, so that you can rapidly generate your per diem deduction online, print the results, and handling them over to your tax preparer so that he/she does not have to bother with it.  If your tax preparer is calculating more profitable on city-by-city deduction or deceiving you. If your tax preparer does not ask where and when you had delays during the tax year then you are being ripped off, cheated, shorted; whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is you can get back significantly more money.

Why does this tell me I am being shorted? This is because of the calculation which is to be done as per the per diem deduction, it is important to know where you stay and when you have stayed there respectively.  For example by looking at the 
per diem rates for Toronto, Canada, you must have noticed that the seasonal start and seasonal end dates as well as the effective and expiration dates, all have different rates which are associated with them. In other words, the per diem rates change entirely the tax year. If your tax preparer simply asks you that how many overnights you had during the tax year without needing to know when, you are not getting your money's worth.

It is all about providing the flight crewmembers with a simple way to accomplish something that once was complicated and time-consuming, at a best and 
affordable price. When a flight crewmember uses it to calculate their M&IE deduction, both the city-by-city and special rate for the transportation workers per diem deductions are calculated simultaneously so that the flight crewmember gets the highest per diem deduction are allowed. When it comes to the airline pilot taxes and the flight attendant taxes are the best of both the worlds; the airline pilots and the flight attendants can still use their favourite tax preparer that knows their financial situation inside and out, without sacrificing the profitable benefits of the per diem deduction.


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