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11 Things To Expect From A Financial Planner

Posted on October 01 2020


1.   Do a complete risk profiling to know your ability and willingness to take the risks and correspondingly establish an asset allotment strategy.
2.    Prepare a list of the goals along with the timelines and make an investment plan to achieve them.
3.    Recommend investments in mind and explain the risks and the features of the recommended products in detail.
4.    Transform your investments across the asset classes.
5.    Make sure you buy suitable life, health and asset insurance.
6.    Give you enough time to make proper decisions.
7.    Not making constant or tactical changes in the investment plan.
8.    Updating you if there are any changes made in the rules that can encounter your existing or future investments.
9.    Managing your tax filing and other tax related issues.
10.  Recommending strategy to manage your debts and other liabilities.
11.  Recommending estate planning to distribute your assets among heirs.
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